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Summarit 50

Leica 50mm F/2.5 Summarit-M 6-bit "Near Mint!"


LEICA LEITZ SUMMARIT 5CM 50MM F/1.5 for L 39 Excellent Condition Fully Tested


[C Normal] Leica Leitz Summarit 5cm 50mm f/1.5 Lens for L39 Screw JAPAN 6037


Leica Summarit 5cm 1:1.5 (50mm) Ernst Leitz Wetzla ... Leica LTM screw mount


Leica Summarit 50mm F1.5 Screw Mount Lens with Cap


Leica Ernst Leitz Summarit 5cm F1.5 50mm L39 Screw Mount Lens Made In Germany


Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4


[ Rare ] First Summarit made in 1951, Serial 890001 50 mm f 1.5


Leica 50mm f/2.4 Summarit-M Lens - 6-Bit - Pristine


Leica Summarit M50mm F/2.5 -Near Mint- #137


Leica Leitz Summarit 50mm F/1.5 Lens for Leica L39 #24482 H1


Leica Leitz Summarit 50mm F/1.5 Lens for Leica L39 #24610 G4


Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.5 (11633) MINT (EMS Shipping)


Leica Leitz SUMMARIT 5cm 50mm f1.5 M Chrome Year 1956 + Caps & UVa Filter


LEITZ Leica Summarit M 50mm/F1.5 Silver Lens Yr.1954 Germany #850


LEICA SUMMARIT-M 50mm F2.4 E46 11680 w/Box [Excellent] from Japan (06-Z58)


Leica Leitz Summarit 5cm 50mm F/1.5 Lens LTM Screw Mount w/M Adapter


Leica Summarit M50mm F/2.4 Black -Near Mint- #137


Leica Summarit-M 50mm F/2.5 E39 Lens 6Bit *MINT-*


EX++ Leica Summarit 50mm F/1.5 Canada Ldt. Midland L39 5cm Silver


Leica Summarit M 50mm F/1.5 Lens from Japan


Leitz / Leica M Summarit-M 2.4/50mm Black 11680 6-Bit


Leica Summarit M50mm F/2.4 Silver -Near Mint- #139


[A product] Leica Summarit L 50mm F1.5 EXC++


Original Leica Leitz 41mm Chrome Front Lens Cap For Summarit 50mm F1.5 Lens Rare


Leica Lens Hood + Cap for Summarit-M 35-50mm #12459


New! 41mm UV Filter for Leica Summarit 50mm f/1.5 and more, E41


Leica Leitz Summarit 50mm Lens Hood XOONS 12520


Pocket Leica Book by Kisselbach Great Guide to M3 Summarit 50mm 1.5 Summicron


Leica Leitz Wetzlar "Xoons" Lens Hood for Summarit 5cms 50mm f/1.5 #12520 Mint




Vintage Leica DRP Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar Camera Summarit 50mm Excellent!!!


Leica Lens Hood for 35mm and 50mm Summarit


Leica M3 DS 35 mm film camera body w/ 50mm Summarit lens, case and light meter 


【Near Mint】 Leica IIIF Red Dial Body w/ Summarit 50mm f/1.5 M39 Lens From Japan




Leica Cap for Lens Hood for Summarit-M 35-50mm F/2.5 #14476


Leica XOONS (12520) Black Metal Slip On Len Hood for 50mm F/1.5 Summarit


EX+ Leica IIIF w/ Summarit 50mm f/1.5 Canada Ldt. Midland L39 screw silver


Leitz Leica Green Filter For 50mm F1.5 Summarit Lens ***FREE USA SHIPPING***


New Metal Hood for Leica Summarit 50mm f/1.5


RARE!{MINT} LEICA CL Rangefinder + Summarit-M 50mm f2.5 Leitz Minolta JAPAN #384


Ernst Leitz Leica Wetzlar SUMMARIT 5cm 50mm f1.5 Gr GREEN filter XOOSH in BOX